Hi! My name is Sonal Pandey and I have loved making to-do lists ever since I was 5. Over the course of many decades since, I've made hundreds of to-do lists for my work, chores, goals, hobbies, health, travel, and more.

Aside from being a self-confessed geek (partly a result of M.S. in Computer Engineering), I'm also deeply interested in personal development. I believe in living life to the fullest, whatever that may mean for each of us.

So while I was busy living my life, making lists, and deriving the oddly satisfying feeling of scratching "done" items off my lists, I was also becoming aware of the endlessness of this routine. I was beginning to realize that unless I brought in an element of mindfulness into my activities, I was never going to get off this hamster wheel.

Scheduling every minute of my day from morning to night made me feel constrained. It left no room for creativity or spontaneity, two important elements in my opinion, if one is is to live life to the fullest. Nor did the systems that offered total fluidity help. Without at least a few defined priorities, goals, and deadlines, any task that came to mind would look important. Some structure was needed without it being too restrictive.

Thus was born the Good Busy planner. I worked tirelessly - conceptualizing, designing, testing, and perfecting every element of the planner with an aim to achieve a fine balance of mindfulness and productivity.

Good Busy planner was launched in the summer of 2019 and it took off. This was validation that many other people felt the same way as I did. Good busy is not about doing work and more work, but about living a meaningful and fulfilling life, no matter how full your day may get. Throughout the day, you go from action to action that brings joy and builds a better future.

We're a small team at the Good Busy headquarters in Fremont, California. Every order is fulfilled with utmost care and attention and we're ever so grateful for the opportunity to reach your homes with our products.

Sonal Pandey
Sonal Pandey
Co-founder & CEO, Good Busy
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